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PREP your students for IGNITE. This section has an introduction to IGNITE, pre-activities, and suggested questions that students can use prior to participating in this event. There are optional additional activities.

STEP 1: What is IGNITE?

Watch the 2-minute video that gives your students a brief overview of IGNITE.

STEP 2: Suggested Pre-Activity

Job vs Career- What is the Difference? Watch this 2-minute video and foster a discussion with students afterwards.

STEP 3: Create Questions to Ask Professionals

Have students prep their own questions before the event and make sure they have them during the event. Help them think critically about what questions they would like to ask. 

Click the button to print out suggested questions for students to ask during the event.

Check with your school coordinator to see a list of potential professionals that your students may meet with.

After the Experience & Additional Resources

After the event, please use the survey link provided by PREP-KC to have students complete.

Optional Post Activity: Career Web

This document can be printed out for students to complete as a reflection activity after completing the PREP-KC survey.

Optional Post Activity: Career Research

Have students complete a career research assignment to continue exploring careers.

Empowered Hub

Create a free profile to access numerous free classroom activities developed by teachers.

Spanish Career Interest Survey

This interest survey is a worksheet for students to complete that is translated for Spanish speakers.

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