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Equity & Advocacy in Education

There are over 69,000 low-income students of color in Kansas City's urban school districts. Inequitable access to resources and opportunities perpetuates cycles of generational poverty. Below are resources to learn more about the issues.


Land of Opportunity

Presented by Kansas City PBS Land of Opportunity is the story of integration in the Santa Fe Place neighborhood as one example in the fight for housing rights across America following the Great Depression.

Unpack Privilege

Take this quiz to unpack your invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh

Superintendent Dr. Bedell's Equity Presentation

Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) has had an intentional and concentrated focus on equity over the last five years. Please watch Superintendent Dr. Mark Bedell as he speaks about structural racism and its lasting impact on the Kansas City community. Highlighting the impact of redlining, which was birthed in Kansas City and eventually replicated across the country, this recorded conversation also covers the juggernaut of uneven economic development that perpetuates systemic racist practices financially.

Digital Divide in Kansas City

A report from LeanLab about the technology needs and digital divide that Kansas City students are facing.

Dividing Lines Tour in Kansas City

By highlighting the history of segregation in Kansas City, Dividing Lines sheds light on the governmental policies and individual actions which decimated Black neighborhoods all over the United States. This experience will expand the tour by comparing the history of Kansas City to that of St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Birmingham.

Supporting Immigrant Students

Undocumented individuals, including DACA recipients, residing in Missouri, are being charged international tuition rates.

2021 Landscape Analysis of Teachers of Color in KC

This study was commissioned by the Latinx Education Collaborative to understand teacher diversity in the greater Kansas City area.

Equity in Higher Education

A report from the American Council on Education on ethnicity and race in higher education.

Racial Inequity

A report on structural racism in the United States by the Racial Equity Institute.

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