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Volunteer In-Person with PREP-KC!

These opportunities are made possible by volunteers like you.

Career Speakers

  • Talk with 5-6 different classrooms of students for 15-20 minutes each about your career pathway and how school is relevant to their future. Teachers will help facilitate the conversation. We encourage you to bring visuals to help supplement your presentation and help students comprehend your career path. Please share any powerpoints or media with PREP-KC in advance so they can upload them appropriately. 

Career Jumping

  • Set up like speed networking, but for careers. Speak with multiple small groups of students for 8 minutes each about your career pathway and how school is relevant to their future. Students will rotate tables and hear from many different career pathways. Volunteers are welcome to bring visuals or handouts but there will be no access to projectors, wifi, or outlets. 


  • Provide students with a short, hands-on experience related to your career. Volunteers will have their own table, facilitating a short activity with small groups of students rotating to each booth. Volunteers typically have around 12-15 minutes with each group. You’re a healthcare professional? Have students learn how to take blood pressure. Construction worker? Test their math skills with tape measures. Not sure what hands-on activity to have? Chat with our team and we will help you design a high-engagement experience. 

Employability Skills 

  • Help prepare students for job interviews. Conduct mock interviews and provide feedback to prepare students for interview opportunities. If time allows, we also ask for you to share your career background with students.

Math Relays Competition

  • Proctor students as they challenge their mathematical skills and compete against other schools. No math background or skills are needed to volunteer! 

Data in Action

  • Help encourage the next generation of data scientists! Volunteers are needed to talk with students about how you use data in your career as a career speaker, mentor or host workplace visits.  To learn more visit this site


There are many opportunities to volunteer with PREP-KC across a variety of ages from elementary to high school students. Visit for details and regularly scheduled events or fill out this form to be notified of future opportunities. 


Interested in immersive volunteer opportunities (workplace visits or client projects)? Please click here. 

Interested in virtual opportunities? Virtual classroom interactions (through the virtual platform the Connector at are opportunities for volunteers to connect virtually with classrooms to share their expertise and experience with student and teachers and help integrate academic skills with the soft skills and industry-specific knowledge.

Any questions? Email our Volunteer Coordinator, Alejandra Pecina, at

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