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Advice about College

First-generation students share advice about college in these recorded videos.

How College Helps

Listen to students discuss how college helped them in these recorded videos.

Discuss College with your students

  • Who has heard of college?

  • What do you think it is?

  • Why do you think people go to college?

  • Share your own college background and what it was like

See more resources on this link.

Post Event Discussion

  • What do you remember for the session with the college?

  • What excites you about college?

  • What worries you about college?

Help debunk financial myths on this link.

Finance You Future

This document has interactive worksheets for students to learn about college and introduce financing for college.

The Great College Mystery

This document has interactive worksheets to introduce students to college and understand the purpose.

Early College Awareness- MS: List
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