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Click the Video to see how the Connector is Helpful, Practical, and Fun to Use!

PREP-KC's The Connector- Teacher Resource Page

Powered by Nepris, The Connector is a great way for teachers to make requests from local professionals to talk with their classrooms about their careers, provide virtual tours, and more! PREP-KC is excited to offer a virtual tool that utilizes the Zoom platform to bring professionals to your classroom. Email Brittany Verrette at for more information.

The Connector

This is the homepage for the Connector. You can create an educator account and start requesting sessions.

The Connector Tutorial- 5 minute Demo

Teachers will experience a quick tour of the Connector site and its capabilities.

The Connector Tutorial- 30 minute Demo

This is an extended virtual tour of the Connector site and it's capabilities.

How to Write A Great Connector Session

This is a session request writing workshop from PREP-KC for teachers who want to get the most out of their Nepris sessions.

The Connector Elementary Playlist

This playlist has many fun and interesting topics to pick for elementary students. You must have an account on The Connector.

Schedule a Tech Check

Ensure your session is ready to go by scheduling a tech check with the Nepris team. This is optional.

Directions to Create a Connector Account

To make sure you are getting full access to the site, follow these steps:
1. Log in to The Connector
2. Look under your name for the words "Platinum Plan"
3. If you see the words "Bronze Plan," email me at with the subject line "Bronze." Let me know your school building and I will update your subscription.

Directions to Log In to your Account

If you have any trouble, contact Brittany Verrette, Connector Program Specialist, at

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