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Career Jumping

PREP for Career Jumping

Step 1: Pre-Activity

We strongly recommend prepping students in advance before the event to ensure this is a meaningful experience.

Step 2: Print Out Questions

These are suggested questions that students can use during the event. Please have students bring their list of questions and a pen to take notes during the event.

Optional: Connector Playlists

Have students watch recorded sessions on The Connector to learn how to talk with professionals about their careers. You must have an account on The Connector.

Notetaker Activity ( use during the event)

We recommend printing out the notetaker for each student to take notes during the event. We suggest using the notes to guide students in a debrief conversation after the event to discuss their learnings and key takeaways.

Post Work

Career Jumping is not one-time experience but rather a launching pad to inspire students and continue the conversation in the classroom. Below are reflection materials to help students continue working on their college and career goals.

Step 1: Agilities Profiler

Take the Agilities Test!

Are you curious about what career path to follow, how to describe your experience on a resumé or LinkedIn, and how to speak confidently about your strengths and skills in an interview? The Agile Work Profiler is here to help! The survey takes about 10 minutes.

Step 2: Occupation Explorer

Explore careers, income, and education.

Click on an Agility to see specific occupation descriptions, including income and education information.

Step 3: Education Explorer

Explore different postsecondary options to achieve your dream career.

See local and national postsecondary options based on your interest.

Step 4: Debrief Conversation

Connect the Dots!

Discuss the Career Jumping experience, Agilities Profiler findings, and explorer findings with students. What are steps they can take to reach their goals? What questions do they still have? If they need help understanding the skills needed for their dream job, have them use the Agilities Decoder.

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