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Welcome to PREP-KC's Community Resource Page!

We hope to have you involved in our College & Career strategies!

Here you will find information about how to volunteer with PREP-KC, information about our partnering school districts, and resourceful information about equity, access, local workforce trends, and resources for teachers.


We need volunteers!

Research shows that as early as 5th grade is when students decide if school is relevant to their futures. Waiting until high school to explore careers is often too late! PREP-KC supports early career exploration by helping our schools plan in-school opportunities for students to interact with working professionals. Check out our videos to learn more!


Let's Get to the Root of the Issue

At PREP-KC, we believe that quality education can break cycles of poverty. However, there must be equitable access to resources and opportunities to make that happen. We want to educate our community about the issues and help you become involved!

Happy Kids with Books

K-12 Research

Music Class

Advocacy & Equity


Urban Kansas City School Districts

"The error is viewing equity as a thing "to do," instead of how "to be." Equity often becomes a checklist instead of a total culture & climate transformation." -Dr. Kel Jones

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